Next presentation will be on the 1st of june 2018 at Studio du CCN de Créteil, 7 p.m.


Premieres: 17th and 18th of november 2018 at La Villette for Kalypso Festival ( longue version )


Updates soon!




© David Volants






JE suis TOI will be on tour:




-May > June: JE suis TOI semi-pro in Asia ( 20 minutes extract with local dancers in Indonesia,Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand during the Solo Sadako tour ) 16th of may: 7 pm at Theater Kecil from Jakarta, 18th of may: 8 pm at Taman Budava from Bandung, 20th of may: at the IF from Yogyakarta, 26th of may: 8.30 pm at MaTIC from Kuala Lumpur, 9th of june: at IDECAF in HÔ Chi Minh and 16th of june: 7.30 pm at auditorium from Alliance Française of Bangkok.
- 23rd of february 2017: At The Musée d'Ethnographie of Geneva / Switzerland. ( scolary set on the morning, and at 20 p.m.)







-21st of march 2015 : Festival Les Incandescences Danse Dense, théâtre Berthelot de Montreuil.

-13th of march 2015 : Festival Danse en Cèze, Bagnols-en-Cèze.

-5th of march 2015 : Maison de l'Oradou, Clermont-Ferrand.

-22nd of november 2014 : Festival Kalypso, La MAC, Créteil.

-17th of november 2014 : Festival Kalypso, La Villette.

-14th of november 2014 : Festival Kalypso, Aubervilliers.

-17th of september 2014: Chantiers en cours IADU during Biennale de la danse à Lyon.





SADAKO will be on tour:




-16th of June 2017: 7.30 pm at the Auditorium from Alliance Française of Bangkok, Thailand.

-10th of June 2017: at IDECAF of HÔ Chi Minh, Vietnam.

-26th of May 2017: 8.30 pm at MaTIC of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

-20th of May 2017: at IF of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

-18th of May 2017: 8 pm at Taman Budava of Bandung, Indonesia.

-16th of May 2017: 7 pm at Theater Kecil of Jakarta, Indonesia.



-12th of march 2014 : Zurich, Switzerland.

-26th of october 2013 : Théâtre Christian Liger, Nîmes.


-26th of march 2013 : Hangar 23, Rouen.

-25th of january 2013 : Festival "Au delà des préjugés" Lausanne, Switzerland.


-23rd of june 2012 : TanzHaus, Dusseldörf, Germany.

-15th of march 2012 : CNDC Angers during "plateau Hip-hop".

-7th of december 2011 : Festival H2O at Aulnay-sous-bois.

-17th of november 2011 : Boty International, Montpellier.

-1st and 2nd of november 2011 : WIP La Villette, Paris.


-14th of may 2011 : Festival Urban Connection 2011 at Dansen Hus, Stockholm, Sueden.

-8th of april 2011 : Danse en Chantiers, Halle aux cuirs, La villette, Paris.

-8th of march 2011 : Le croiseur, Lyon.

-january 2010 : Festival Fang Mae Kong ( Vientiane et Luang Prabang ), Lao.